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The world population is estimated to exceed nine billion, 30 % greater than 2013 by 2050. For the farming which has been dependent upon sunlight, water and soil since ancient time, the current water shortage, global warming and contamination & deterioration of soil are urgent to be solved.

A lot of enterprises have been contributed to the solution of the above-mentioned problems by developing unborn technologies in breeding, gene recombination and environment control fields.

We have succeeded to develop an unborn membrane which plays the role for soil by using a functional polymeric technology (hydrogel & membrane), one of Japanese world’s leading technologies. The new agro-technology incorporated with the membrane (Imec®) has enabled to grow safe and high quality vegetables even on the places like desert, concrete and seriously contaminated land where the current farming is impossible.

We are intending to restore the farm land seriously contaminated by Giant East Japan Earthquake and also to regenerate the barren land expanding by global warming by Imec®.

Yuichi Mori

Business content

Business content

MeBIOL, a pioneer in the development of membrane and hydrogel technologies for medical purposes, has expanded its expertise into agriculture and developed a sustainable agricultural technology called Aimec®. This technology aims to produce safe and highly nutritious agricultural products.

In Japan, the profitable and high-quality tomato production business using Aimec® technology has been gaining momentum. Internationally, Aimec® is being regarded as a potential solution to address food shortages caused by water scarcity and soil degradation due to global warming. Its deployment has commenced in regions such as the Middle East, China, Africa, and Europe.

MeBIOL is a research and development-focused fabless company. The main source of revenue is royalty income derived from the patented Aimec® technology, which has been applied for in 127 countries worldwide and already registered in over 120 countries.

Company info

Company info

Company Mebiol Inc.
Establishment September 18, 1995
Head Office
 R&D Center
3F Ikeda Scientific Building, 1-25-8 Nakahara, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa, 254-0075, Japan
Tel:+81 463-37-4301 Fax:+81 463-37-4302
Board member
Yuichi Mori (Director, Founder)
Hiroshi Yoshioka (Director, President & Chief Executive Officer)
Akiko Shinkawa (Director)
Shonosuke Beppu (Audit & Supervisory Board Member)
Katsumasa Minagawa (Company Attorney)
Stated capital 94 million yen
Major shareholders Yuichi Mori, Hiroshi Yoshioka, Akiko Shinkawa, Ikeda Scientific Co., Ltd., Waseda University
Products Imec®Mebiol Gel®

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Imec® ( Film Farming ) is the world’s first hydrogel membrane based agro-technology to address some of the serious issues that our world communities’ face today regarding food shortage, water scarcity and land contamination.

Mebiol® Gel

Introduction to Mebiol® Gel
Hydrogels are a diverse class of polymeric materials characterized by their network-like structure and high water content.