Imec® is a sustainable agricultural method using film, aiming at the saving of resource, energy and cost.

Imec® (Film Farming) developed by Mebiol Inc.

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Mebiol has been introduced in various media such as TV programs, newspapers and magazines. We made speeches at many scientific societies and lectures, participated many exhibitions, acquired awards and had been adopted by national projects. This page collects all the footprints and the latest information of “Lecture” to view at once.

Dr. Mori lectured at the 112th Regular Session of Association for Japanese Economic Recovery

Title: “Imec® Farming using a tip macromolecule technology (hydrogel, film, et al.)”

Dr. Mori lectured at the symposium of Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry 2013.

Title: “Sustainable agriculture that utilized a high polymer membrane”
For more details, please visit the URL link below but it is only available in Japanese.


Dr. Mori lectured the keynote speech at 9th International Gel Symposium in Tsukuba
Dr. Mori lectured at the special session of 61th SPSJ Annual Meeting (Sponsor: The Society of Polymer Science, Japan).

Title: “Development of the water- saving agriculture that integrates high polymer membrane” For further details, please go to the URL below.


Dr. Mori presented at ”TEDx Tokyo 2011, Entering the Unknown”

For further details, please see the youtube video. Read more

Dr. Yoshioka presented at “Green Energy Showcase” of World Future Energy Summit 2009
Dr. Mori presented at World Future Energy Summit 2008

From Jan 21st to 23rd in 2008, Dr. Mori presented at World Future Energy Summit 2008. For further details please visit the external link below.