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Imec® is a sustainable agricultural method using film, aiming at the saving of resource, energy and cost.

Imec® (Film Farming) developed by Mebiol Inc.

Description of business

Our Business

Description of businessMebiol has invented a sustainable agro-technology (Imec®) which grows safe and highly nutritious produces by introducing leading-edge membrane and hydrogel technologies developed for medical use as the first case in the world.

Domestically, profitable tomato production business by Imec® has gained momentum. Imec® is expected as a way to solve massive food shortage induced by water scarcity, soil deterioration caused by global warming abroad and is deployed to Middle East, China, Africa, Europe, etc.

Mebiol is a fabless company focusing on R & D and the main earnings are royalties from the Imec® patents which were applied to 127 countries and had already been registered in more than 70 countries.

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